Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Raise your virtual glass to PukkaGenTek and say Cheers and Welcome!!!

Here's a toast to our newly re-branded business. Here is some of what we offer customers in varying sectors:


For companies that are no longer start-ups, SOHO or micro businesses but would like the same friendly, professional support service.

For companies who would like to be able to have any member of their staff pick up their phone or send an e-mail requesting support an unlimited number of times for any supported IT problem; or if the need arose expect an engineer to attend onsite any number of times or fix it remotely if possible.

For companies who would like corporate standards of IT monitoring 24/7 with an allocated IT manager; but who can’t afford that.

We can provide solutions to all of the above by providing the unlimited support, monitored by professional systems constantly and managed by experienced and fully qualified engineers – who will also fix any problems you’re experiencing.

We can offer support in many shapes and types; whether you just want a one off ad hoc call for a problem or issue or need a bit more for consultancy to give you strategic help or support. We can also provide a more consistent, robust and prioritised contract IT support which means you’ll always be uppermost in our thoughts when you need urgent help.

When your business is under our care and attention with one of our service contracts you will realise the highest standards of customer care and technical support engineering. When your business has grown to this size you need it to keep working and growing and this is where we can help support that.

If you want a service that is uniquely local but regionally professional providing robust managed solutions to a business that has outgrown its roots then look no further but get in touch with us and we’ll take care of all your IT cares, worries and concerns.


Would you like to operate your business as a larger business and take that step beyond Micro, SOHO or start-up but don’t believe you are ready; perhaps we can help, by providing one of the first essential steps which is a first class, amazing, corporate style IT support for business, yet at a reasonable price you can afford.

We are an IT support company that specialises in SME businesses and we believe that extends from 1-50 machines size businesses as well as its bigger brothers. So if you would like to have unlimited telephone advice and help taken with unlimited remote support and on-site engineers when required as well then you can. If you’d like to have experienced and fully qualified Microsoft engineers available to you for unlimited problems then you can. If you’d like to have all your systems monitored and managed using corporate end technology and running 24/7 then you can; and you can have all this for a price that would surprise you.

We can offer you rolling monthly, no tie-in contracts that provide you with all-encompassing service contracts that offer comprehensive IT support for all the IT devices and systems you might have within your offices. Unlike a lot of other IT support companies we won’t just offer you an insurance style contract but instead we will provide a pro-active, managed and 24/7 monitored system contract. Along with that we can go on to offer further services such as high quality, low cost backup solutions and the best in anti-virus installed products; again both of these provided under the pro-active managed and monitored solution service.

If you want to be able to experience the best in SME IT support for a reasonable cost no matter what your size then talk to us and we’ll show you how you can get on with your business; warm in the knowledge that all your IT concerns are taken care of.


A lot of us buy a PC or a laptop, or maybe both or maybe in a family there are several of these; worse still whilst they’re re all working fine not a problem, but then you have problems with them. Perhaps you have a relation or friend, but they’re not qualified or completely sure or can’t look at it until next week or the following weekend?

We can provide a high quality service typically only available to businesses in the form of our qualified experienced engineers. A one off ad hoc fix or perhaps a review and health check of your IT stock? Perhaps you would like to be relieved of the worry and concerns around all these computers around your house just waiting to go wrong.

Maybe you would even care to take out insurance in the shape of a Home support contract which for a very reasonable no tie-in monthly payment could provide you with the comfort blanket of knowing you are under full IT support just like a big business.

As we offer the same contract and proactive cover and support that we provide to our business support customers we will constantly monitor and manage all aspects of your day to day computer usage, giving your computers a good housekeeping routine on a regular basis. Also, likewise we can offer further products such as business class backup routines and anti-virus software and a host of other products and services that you may need to keep that warm glowing feeling of being under support with us.

We will care for all your IT needs to stop life being a computer gamble, and provide that computer knowledge, help and advice that you can rely on and trust to be completely professional.

So if you need help now then contact us; or if you want to take the computer gamble out of everyday life then call to discuss how we can provide a leading, friendly and professional solution to this quandary.

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