Saturday, 23 May 2015

shop window and Internet webpage - analogy

Whilst working with a website builder to have a new website built I have realized that a website serves the function of a shop window. This is perhaps nothing startlingly new in terms of a concept but the analogy is so strong with me, as I work on my new shiny website that I thought I had to share this concept.

40 years ago the high street represented the current internet, with all those glowing, interesting shop windows showing off their wares and beckoning you into the shop to peruse and perhaps purchase. Now we have the same as we surf the internet, all those Homepages enticing and beckoning you to purchase their goods or services and if not then at least to enjoy the front page.

So I have used this as my driver, the definition of my website Homepage as a shop front and all the various hyperlinks and sub-sets, products and services that are available to the surfing potential customer who cares to open the door and step inside.

I keep this thought close to my heart when I decide on how my website looks and feels and operates; hopefully this is what encourages people.