Thursday, 29 November 2012

Is your business ready for Windows 8 with The PC Support Group

Say hello to Windows 8.

Everything you want. Everything you need.

Do everything faster and easier with a new Windows built for today’s devices:

·         Windows has been reimagined: From the beautifully fast and fluid Start Screen, apps are a touch away. It just feels natural.

·         Apps at its core: Apps are at the heart of Windows 8. The things you need are built in and work together to make each other better.

·         Stay in the Cloud: Sign in to your Microsoft account on any device and instantly get connected to the things you care about most. Access files anywhere with Skydrive and pick up where you left off.

·         Get more at the Windows Store: Free and paid-for apps bring Windows 8 to life. When apps are bought or downloaded, they can immediately be used on up to 5 Windows 8 devices.

·         Experience browsing freedom: With a minimalist design and fast performance, IE10 is more web and less browser. We’ve also made it more secure and private for safer surfing.

·         Be productive everywhere: Take the office anywhere, access work files on the go while staying secure.

·         Use any device: From tablets to laptops to all in ones, get the same personal, immersive experience on any form factor.

·         Rock solid foundations: Familiar Windows 7 apps and devices will run with the full power of Windows 8.

Open a wider world with Windows 8.

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